Deptford Tory struggles to keep up with news

It must be a busy life if you’re wanting to become the Conservative MP for Deptford, as Gemma Townsend is doing. Indeed, it must be especially difficult to keep up with the big issues of the day. Especially when a party founded by Hitler admirers is invited to appear on the BBC’s best-known topical discussion show.

Clearly as a potential representative of such diverse districts as Deptford, New Cross, Brockley, and Lewisham, you’d think Ms Townsend would have a view on how far the media should go to acommodate those whose opinions many would find inflammatory and offensive, if at all.

But what’s this?


What cover of Private Eye? Oh, this one


Oh dear. Thanks to Twitterers @tomroyal and @sarahluv81 for the spot.