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This was written in 2009. Click here for more recent Run to the Beat stories/info.


It feels like the last knockings of summer this weekend, so it looks like the organisers of Sunday’s Run to the Beat half-marathon have struck it lucky with the weather. However, their handling of publicity for the event, which is going to disrupt travel around Greenwich, Charlton, Blackheath and Woolwich for much of the day, hasn’t been so good. Some 27,000 letters were meant to have thumped onto doormats last month to warn us about it – for many people, that doesn’t seem to have happened, though. Other publicity’s been carried out via council propaganda weekly Greenwich Time, but that depends on whether you recieve it. Which at the moment for me, is intermittently.

The route has apparently been redesigned to allow car drivers access to all roads. Part of the result is the strange dog-leg via tiny Craigerne Road and Banchory Road in Blackheath pictured in this post. If you’re intending to get a bus on Sunday, forget it. Unless you want to get a 177 for a scenic trip to the top of Shooters Hill, that is. Oh, and there’s no Docklands Light Railway between Canary Wharf and Lewisham this weekend, either. Good planning, lads. Rail and Tube services will run normally.


Other things you might need to know:

* The race starts at the Dome at 9.45am.
* The organisers have a contact number for residents: 020 8233 5900
* The council can also deal with queries on 020 8854 8888
* The event is being filmed for television, due to be aired on Channel 4 in two weeks
* Greenwich Council is keen to hear residents’ feedback on the event – the senior officer in charge is Matthew Norwell (

The residents’ leaflet (572K, PDF)
Where the music stages are (493K, PDF)
Road closures map (881K, PDF)
Letter for residents (91K, Word doc)

Come back on Sunday for photos and… oh, perhaps not.


  1. I had concerns about this event (remembering last year’s and the noise that blighted my Sunday morning). I used the contact form on the organisers’ website – but they are apparently only interested in participants not residents as they didn’t bother to reply.

    I want to give full marks to Greenwich Council, who via the magic of Twitter, sent me about half a dozen messages full of info and the phone numbers that you listed.

  2. In all fairness, we did get a copy of the residents’ info leaflet shoved through the door (though not, as far as I know, the letter), so I’ve got rather fewer complaints about lack of information that I did last year.

    And seeing as I’ve gone no further than the back garden this morning, it hasn’t affected me in the slightest anyway

  3. I remember getting more information last year, oddly enough. Not a peep this year.

    I stayed in bed, anyway.

  4. Whinge whinge. It wasnt too bad. I was one of the first to get onto Charlton road about 12.30 so it was pretty much opened up by mid afternoon. Obviously not down by the Sainsburys and the O2 that would have been a bit later. The village was packed with people cheering on so I think the event will gain in popularity so it might be around for a while!

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