Me at – last night at the council

After my last visit to a Greenwich Council meeting, I figured that some straightforward observations could be of value to someone, somewhere, so head over to for last night’s stories from an SE10 perspective if that’s your bag. I hope it’s of some use.

One thing I’ll save for here, though, is that the council still doesn’t make it easy for the public to follow its meetings. Last time the list of members’ questions – what councillors have asked cabinet members, with their responses – hadn’t been given out in the public gallery, making it very hard to follow what was going on. The questions aren’t read out, but referred to by number, so if the councillor doesn’t want to follow their query up with a new question, then all you hear is the number of the question.

This month… still no lists of members’ questions up in the public gallery, even though they actually provide some of the more interesting and relevant topics on offer. And, for the journalist who doesn’t sit in the press seat, it’s where the stories come from, because its where senior councillors have to speak up for the policies they implement. I hope it’s just an oversight, rather than a fear of council tax payers actually discovering what’s being discussed down there.