Blackheath fireworks vs Valencia’s Fallas

Slightly delayed after being ritually humilated in Cheshire, here’s last night’s Blackheath fireworks display as captured by my superb new toy, the Flip Video Ultra HD camera. It was a damn good show – and proof that as far as Greenwich and Lewisham councils are concerned, sometimes sending a chunk of tax money up in smoke can be a popular thing…. see if you can hear the chap behind us who was getting a little over-excited at the whizz-bangs.

Incidentally, what was with fencing off the southern side of Blackheath? It didn’t seem to do anything over than create a bottleneck when trying to leave after the fireworks finshed.

Just by way of comparison, here’s the fireworks at Fallas in Valencia – this is the showcase Nit Del Foc, which takes place at 2am on the penultimate night of the festival. The first time I ever went to Fallas, I thought it made Guy Fawkes’ Night look like a night with your dad and some sparklers in the back garden. But it’s actually difficult to compare the two – Guy Fawkes’ Night marks the onset of winter, Fallas the milder conditions of spring. If anything, the Spanish seem to prioritise sound over visuals in their displays.

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