Some interesting things that are on the internet

– Journalist Jude Rogers has done many good things, like helping to found Smoke magazine. Her latest baby is a corker, though. 50 Songs, 10 Years is an exploration of the 50 songs from the past decade which mean the most to her. Including No Danger by the Delgados as her first choice endeared this to me straight away. It’s fascinating, touching, and will bring back memories for you if you have any taste. Sadly, it’s got one of those Blogger templates which prevent me from commenting, so you’re spared my own tales of woe or drunkenness. For now.

– I went up to Severndroog Castle on Friday, still looking lonely and beaten-up. (The castle, that is, not me.) But walking through the woods, out to the cafe on Oxleas Meadow, was a reminder how lucky we are in this corner of south-east London to have the Shooters Hill landmark on our doorstep. The Severndroog Castle Building Preservation Trust is trying to raise cash to open the building to the public once again – after Greenwich Council tried to lease it to a developer in 2002 – and is now offering bricks for sponsorship at £5 each. You even get a certificate for it. A great Christmas present idea, eh?

– A new local blog, Subterranean Greenwich, which does what it says on the tin, and a bit more besides.

– The South London Press – which owns the Mercury freesheet delivered in Greenwich and Lewisham – has lost £500,000 since local paper magnate Ray Tindle bought it two years ago. Tindle blames Lambeth Council’s propaganda newspaper Lambeth Life for contributing to the loss (because of the loss of council advertising), even though the SLP also covers Wandsworth, Southwark and Lewisham, and is also on sale in Greenwich and elsewhere. Lambeth leader Steve Reed told ITV’s London Tonight the SLP is losing sales because it’s too full of crime stories. The truth, I suspect, is somewhere in the middle – Tindle needs to make sure his paper properly reflects the area, Lambeth Council should butt out of newspapers. Simple. Mind you, Lambeth residents should count themselves lucky – they still have a proper paid-for local newspaper. Greenwich hasn’t for decades, and we have to put up with a weekly from our council…

Anton Vowl on some Mail muck-raking: “Is this what Twitter has become – a dredging ground for crap journalists to harvest boring gossip about people you’ve hardly even heard about, who aren’t being exposed as hypocrites or liars but just people who have relatively normal lives? Who gives a crap about all this? And what’s the point of this tragic little bit of bathos?”