Some good news for weekend train travellers

Hopefully, the wearisome farce that is travelling by train in and out of central London at weekends might be about to get a bit easier, with Network Rail deciding that the lines between London Bridge and Dartford should only have replacement bus services when absolutely necessary. Hang on, shouldn’t that be the case anyway?

Twenty key routes that carry 60% of all weekend passengers have been identified for special attention. Network Rail and train operators aim to offer a rail journey in almost all circumstances between key stations on these routes. The only exception is when the demands of rail improvement work make achieving this aim impractical. This commitment will be progressively introduced over the next two years.

That said, there’s nothing there about the lines between Dartford and the Medway Towns, works on which regularly contribute to sneaky cancellations of weekend trains from Charlton, Woolwich Arsenal and Abbey Wood that Southeastern rarely warn passengers about. And “key stations” is open to definition. But it’s a start.

And perhaps within those next two years, the Jubilee Line might be working again…

(Thanks to IanVisits for the spot.)

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  1. With there being 3 distinct routes between LB and Dartford the occasions when that journey can’t be made by train are very rare.
    We had weekend closures at Dartford station a couple of years back but the work then was on the tracks right at the station.
    There’s nothing in the announcement to suggest that bus replacement frustration won’t still regularly be imposed on travellers from the many intermediate stations.
    The ‘big red flag’ is “…the demands of rail improvement work make achieving this aim impractical…” there is network rail’s get out of jail free card.
    Efforts would be better spent coordinating routine works with local events that will effect the demand for off-peak travel, O2 concerts and football matches being just 2 examples which are habitually ignored.

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