What’s the most important story in Greenwich right now?

So, what is the most important story in Greenwich at the moment?

Is it the thoughts of a spiritualist in Hither Green?

Or is it the possibility that central Greenwich might be pedestrianised?

I get neither paper here, so thanks to Adam for alerting me to the News Shopper’s mad, mad, rush of blood to the head. Every front page like that makes it easier for local councils to justify publishing propaganda papers like Greenwich Time. Shameful.

The poor old Mercury’s not had a decent time of it this decade, being forced to doss down with the South London Press in Streatham, but at least it can still spot an important story from several yards off. Which is a neat way of allowing me to be the last blog to remind you to get yourself down to Devonport House on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, and find out what the blazes Greenwich Council is planning for the town centre.

I’m a little sceptical about the plan – holding the exhibition on the last weekend before Christmas doesn’t fill me with much hope. (Although they could equally argue that they’ll get a load of Christmas shoppers through the doors.) And the last major pedestrianisation scheme in this borough was Woolwich in the early 1980s, which left it an eerie ghost town at night. Plus there’s issues with traffic and just what will be done with all that extra space. And where will the buses go?

But I’m going to take a look and see for myself. And so should you. See you there?


  1. And I’ve found myself wondering about what the least interesting story is these days for the local press. I’ve not yet found any press record of the woman, 66-year-old retired careworker, Stella Chandler, who was dragged under the wheels of a lorry in Greenwich on 7 December, and who later died of her injuries on the 10th. No interest apart from greenwich.co.uk who picked up the story from thegreenwichphantom’s local blog.

    Is it not a story because such unnecessary deaths happen so regularly and have become a sort of inconvenient ”collateral damage” that nobody wants to know or do anything about?

  2. I suspect the local press are heavily dependent on the police telling them, and I think greenwich.co.uk had trouble squeezing information out of them.

    There’s some good reporters (especially on the Mercury) but they’re so under-resource and understaffed, and reporting from a long way outside the patch, that it’s very hard for them to keep an ear to the ground for things like that.

    I’d direct your anger at the press barons who cut back on local papers when the going was good, and are now – through PA – expecting public funds to do basic things like covering courts and council meetings.

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