Get Chas and Dave honoured – the campaign starts here

I’ve nothing against Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi. Actually, I love them. I interviewed the core of Status Quo as a young pup and found them terrific company. And Rossi’s a good south-east London lad too, coming from Forest Hill and having gone to school in Catford.

But if the Quo can get OBEs, then surely it’s time for another London rock institution to be honoured? Step forward, Chas & Dave

An indelible part of my early childhood with beer ads like these and top-notch entertainers, one of 2009’s saddest moments was their split in September following the death of Dave’s wife. Chas plays on – in fact, he’s at the 100 Club on Oxford Street tonight – but wouldn’t an honour be the best way to recognise their sterling, three-decade long career?

When you’re out tonight, raise a pint of Best to these two. And the Quo, of course.