853’s top 10 posts of 2009

Should you be interested…

1. It’s the Tube strike drinking game! (10 June)
(Written in a hotel room in Cologne, don’t you know. 3,810 page views.)
2. South-east London as seen on Pathe newsreels (4 August)
(The internet is brilliant – official.)
3. Oyster PAYG arrives with London’s great train robbery (24 November)
(Currently 2010’s most-read post thanks to a man in a bad mood having a pop at me.)
4. Blow Up returns to Charlton (18 May)
(Did anyone go to the open-air Blow Up screening? What was it like?)
5. The Third Degree – Mercy (8 February)
(I really should do more music here.)
6. Oyster PAYG on National Rail – some details (11 November)
(A first attempt to work the damn thing out.)
7. Greenwich ghost bike remembers fallen cyclist (18 May)
(Sadly, not the only cycle death in Greenwich in 2009.)
8. The people versus the Daily Mail (16 October)
(One of many low moments for UK newspapers in 2009.)
9. Greenwich Park Olympics: 89% ‘not that bothered’ (21 October)
(The hot air over 2012 in Greenwich from both sides could power an Olympic ballooning event.)
10. My Village people shame, and a City Hall troll (9 November)
(“Sometimes you learn things, sometimes you discover you’re wrong.”)

The blog’s readership trebled over the year, so thank you for reading and commenting – it’s appreciated. It’s going to be an interesting year ahead, to say the least, so please do stick around and contribute, because it’s much more fun when you do.

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