Oyster update at Charlton

Just as an addition to the Oyster stuff below, I’ve just been down to Charlton station and found that you can now top up your Oyster card or add travelcards to your ticket from the machine outside. I checked it and it works. If you’re a Southeastern customer, it’s worth checking at your local station because hopefully you’ll be able to do the same.

There’s still no publicity, though, to tell people that many fares are now cheaper under Oyster, especially with Southeastern hiking the cost of paper tickets.

However, under the circumstances, you might then like to top up your ticket elsewhere, perhaps at your local friendly corner shop, because if Southeastern is going to keep on mucking its passengers around in this weather, it certainly doesn’t deserve the commission it’ll get from those ticket sales…

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  1. If you use just PAYG, then you’re fine on NR. But as we’ve discovered, those who have period tickets on Oyster are getting shafted because the TOCs aren’t convinced that their revenue is protected through Oyster. Thus there is the waste of time that is the Oyster Extension Permit, which causes more problems than it solves, especially if somebody who has loaded one on doesn’t touch out on their NR station..

    If NR wanted to protect their revenue, they should put gates in. It’s those who think they’re at liberty and give me all the ‘but it was open’ excuses that cause all the problems.

  2. A lot of NR stations aren’t gateable – but nor’s the Docklands Light Railway, and that works fine without it, and doesn’t demand OEPs.

    Half the time when NR stations have gates, they’re wide open anyway. If they actually staffed their stations and had inspectors on trains… perish the thought!

    But the issue is that Southeastern is going along with Oyster begrudgingly. So it won’t promote the lower fares available on it, and it’ll refuse to ram home the “always touch out” message, because it’s not in its shareholders’ interests to recognise that it’s a part of the London transport network.

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