Weekend caption competition

London’s clued-up mayor decided to nag school headteachers last night about staying open in the snow, instead of acknowledging that a great chunk of his city has been left stranded by the reluctance of Southeastern to run trains through the chill. This photo from an East London Line photocall earlier in the week sprang to mind – whatever could Boris have been saying?


  1. “Explain to me. What is South East London? And what on Earth are we doing letting its occupants north of the river?”

  2. “Of course, we’ll have to change the map from here when the wall’s built…”

  3. “So where exactly do the picaninnies live?”

    I would apologise for the dodgy spelling, but that word isn’t in my internal dictionary and my Mac doesn’t recognise it either.

  4. “we’ll dig three tunnels, Tom, Dick and Harry. Once we’re out of the compound it’s every man for himself, we’ll meet in Camden in time for dinner!”

  5. And we had another sighting of a ghost train here last night, though SouthEastern deny it and suggested Network Rail might be responsible.

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