There’s no Honor without sub-editors

I agree with Brockley Nick that we shouldn’t be rude about the local journalists that attempt to cover this stretch of south-east London. But often, local papers just don’t help themselves… what’s that place south of Brockley called again? Got a train station called something… Park?

I do hope the News Shopper’s sub-editors were stuck in the snow when that slipped through. Hopefully that’ll get sorted before it goes to print, for at least on the web, you can never be wrong for long. If you’ve got the staff to spot the cock-up, that is… it’s a good story though, isn’t it?

Over-enthusiastic spell-checking aside, it’s good to see the Petts Wood-based paper taking Twitter seriously, though, but its gargantuan editorial area (New Cross to Gravesend, more or less) – its perennial Achilles heel – may count against it. As for the competition, Lewisham’s South London Press reporter John Hugill is using Twitter to gather news and tips for for that and the Mercury.


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