Royal Greenwich: We know who to thank, don’t we?

After giving residents a rest over the holiday, Greenwich Council’s propaganda weekly Greenwich Time is back to box unsuspecting voters around the ears with more good tales of Just How Great Greenwich Council Is.

First up – ah, yes, the announcement that this will be the Royal Borough of Greenwich from 2012. Treat this issue carefully, dear readers, for your children and grandchildren will be itching to see this souvenir issue in years to come.

So, for the front page – a photo of the Queen, perhaps? After all, Her Majesty is the one who is conferring the honour on us grateful citizens. Or maybe not…

Ah, yes. Greenwich Council leader Chris Roberts. Thanks to Greenwich Time, every house in the borough will now have a copy of his portrait. On top of the one they sent us in May. Verily, we should be grateful. And no, it’s not at all like the Daily Mirror when Robert Maxwell owned it.

Indeed, there’s pages of reaction from Mr Roberts and others… but aren’t there other parties represented on the council who might like to have their say? Oh, never mind that, when you can feature a pub in Eltham, the bloke who runs Greenwich pier and a “pensioner poet”. Wave those flags!

So what will you do be doing with your souvenir edition of Greenwich Time, complete with a portrait of the council leader? Fellow Greenwich subjects, please, share your suggestions. I’ve a spare copy to give away for the best idea. Your grandchildren will thank you for it.


  1. I notice that the photo was taken “from” Tower Hamlets though 😉

    No decent vantage points from within the Royal Borough?

  2. Of course nobody is surprised by this! Independent sites like this and magazines such as SE9 magazine at least try to provide balance. But it is an affront to tax payers in this borough that a million quid is squandered on the New Labour propaganda free sheet. It adds insult to injury that they never even deliver it to my flat!

  3. It seems that pressure is growing to look into the practice of Councils producing their own propaganda sheets. The story below is taken from the Newshopper, which of course is an interested party in this debate.

    “PROPAGANDA” newspapers produced by councils using taxpayers money should be investigated by the government, MPs say.

    During a 90 minute debate at Westminster Hall last Wednesday (Jan 13), MPs called for restrictions on the type of publications councils can produce.

    They also urged the government to act to protect independent local newspapers from unfair competition from council-run publications.”

    Full story:

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