Down the Nags Head

So, who saw Rock & Chips last night? I wandered down to the Pelton Arms, which played the Nags Head in BBC1’s Only Fools and Horses prequel, where it was being shown specially. Big cheers broke out at the sight of Caradoc Street in the show, and of the pub itself… but the landlord hadn’t connected the TV to his PA system and was left feeling a bit of a Rodney. Hey-ho.

As a result… I haven’t actually watched it, but what I saw looked impressive. I’m getting increasingly keen on the Pelton as well, where the staff seem to be cracking the nut of how to attract a younger crowd without diluting the feeling of being inside a proper pub. I’ll have to catch up with Rock & Chips on the iPlayer, and I hope to catch up with the Pelton again soon, too.

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  1. We enjoyed seeing the Pelton Arms and various bits of Royal Hill and surrounds, but there was even more excitement to be had at our house during the scene in Manze’s pie and mash shop on Deptford High Street! Well worth a visit for its very traditional interior.

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