Drugstore open for business again

The best thing to happen in music over the past few months? The reforming of late-90s/early-00s band Drugstore, fronted by the wonderful Isabel Monteiro.

Best known for El Presidente with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke’s, Isabel’s beguiling live presence (and ever-present bottle of red wine) always guaranteed some wonderful shows. They faded away seven or eight years ago, but returned for a show at Dingwall’s in Camden in September while I was wandering around North America. Now they’re down to play the ICA (assuming it stays open) in May, and Isabel is tweeting like crazy. It’s great to have her back. Clips of them are few and far between on YouTube, and they barely feature on Spotify, but above is their set from Glastonbury in 1995.


  1. hi Darryl!

    thanks for writing about Drugstore’s comeback!

    I’m brazilian and I’m very excited about that… unfortunately I won’t be able to see them live next May… will you be there?


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