Pier on the run

Across the Thames for a strange sight – anyone remember the old Charing Cross pier, which sat opposite Embankment Tube station for years until about a decade ago, when it was replaced by the snazzy Embankment Pier. For years, it sat close to Greenland Dock in Rotherhithe, looking a bit sad and unloved. Southwark Council wasn’t best pleased and it went four years ago.

Now it’s got a new home – at Millennium Mills in the Royal Docks. It looks slightly surreal as part of the bleakly desolate Silvertown scene.

This photo was taken at Pontoon Dock DLR station, on a route I hadn’t travelled for about a year, so I’ve no idea what it’s doing, why it’s there, or how long it’s been there for. Is it only a temporary visit? Where might it pop up next? And what do you do with an old pier? All suggestions gratefully accepted.


  1. I only vaguely know something about this – 8 -9 years ago I was told it was privately owned and that the owners wanted to sell it. Some people were trying to raise money to buy it and moor it on a site just off Cutty Sark Gardens. That never happened – and so its gone to the Royals. Its actually on the pontoon dock, which in itself is an interesting little offshoot of the Royal Victoria. It seems unbelievable that after all this time that that mill is still standing, and looking much the same as it did twenty-five years ago – when we used to wander about the dock watching the transit sheds come down.

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