Up town, top ranking

Thanks to The Guardian for listing me as one of its Top London Bloggers – it’s part of an initiative sparked by its capital writer Dave Hill to help the paper get under the skin of the capital’s politics and communities in the run-up to this spring’s general and council elections. Of course, when I found out, I was on a train gawping at the scenery in County Down, so I hope he’ll forgive me for waxing lyrical about Ireland for a little on the next post.

It’s an admirable project and I wish the Guardian well with it- simultaneously, it’s launched a news blog for Leeds to test the waters of local journalism in a sightly different fashion. Having been both journalist and blogger myself, it’s good to see it actively engaging with people on the ground. I think this approach looks really promising – much better than other big publishers’ attempts at local websites – although the catch will be in making it pay for itself, of course.

As for this blog, a week away’s left me refreshed and revived – the whole candidacy mularkey, twinned with the dismal “well, you would say that anyway” instincts of some around these parts left me a tad uncertain as to how to proceed; the risk of genuine questions and feelings being misinterpreted as tedious mudslinging has made me err on the side of caution lately.

Some fresh air and several pints of Guinness later, I think I’m ready to proceed once again. I bet you can’t wait, can you?