Do you have a Nectar card, Mr President?

It’s not every day you run into a world leader while down the shops. So the visit of South African president Jacob Zuma to Greenwich Sainsburys caused a bit of a stir this morning. He could have gone to see the park, the Naval College, the Maritime Museum, down on the river… but Sainsburys? Apparently the trip was to mark the 10-year-old store being the world’s first to be less polluting than other supermarkets. I hope they made sure both the windmills were working – I forgot to check. Either that, or he got a bit peckish.
Still, a fair old crowd of schoolkids were there to wave flags, and passers-by stopped and took pictures and asked “what’s he doing here for?” And he got to meet the mayor of Greenwich, which must have been nice. And then he went off to Stratford to check out the Olympic Park – not by 108, but by a huge great motorcade.
It was part of a busy day for Mr Zuma – starting with a Downing Street breakfast, then off to Catford. Not to see the cat, but to speak to Lewisham Council about youth issues. Then Greenwich, then Stratford, then the Houses of Parliament, then Wembley Stadium, where he’ll hear about Charlton Athletic’s projects in South Africa and take a penalty on the pitch. Following that, there’s a banquet for him held by the Lord Mayor of London. Maybe the President wanted to take some of Jamie Oliver’s special creations to the party?
No idea if anyone managed to snap him next to any Jacob’s Cream Crackers. Or if the father of 20 (with five wives) was captured near any boxes of Pampers. (Thank you to the policeman who suggested that joke.) And I don’t think anyone managed to get any free World Cup tickets out of him. But if you see him elsewhere on his travels, ask him nicely – he might have a few Active Kids vouchers on him…


  1. I was down there yesterday evening and was wondering why there was a bloke out in the cold and dark varnishing all those wooden panels…

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