Chatroulette’s wheel of fortune

Things I like about the internet, number 407: I can read a sneery piece in The Guardian about Something New All The Kids Are Apparently Doing, and come away a bit depressed because I’ve learned nothing new except for the author’s prejudices and whatever, and she got paid for that.

Then I can stumble upon a wonderful video from someone somewhere in the US which is funny, enlightening, and happy not to take itself so seriously. I love this little film.

I had a little look at Chatroulette at the weekend. Yup, there’s too many willies on there for comfort. But mostly, it’s just young people having fun – I felt a bit old to be hanging out with the kids there, to be honest. It reminded me of the first time I ever used the internet, in a cybercafe in Fitzrovia in about 1995. I was looking at people in San Francisco on a webcam, and they were pointing it at their TV for some reason which seems crazy now. But there’s that nice sense of novelty on Chatroulette if you can bear the occasional flash of something gruesome. I ended up having a chat with a DJ in Paris. He tried to play me some of his mixes, but his sound was broken. He told me he preferred London because the people were nicer. Back to the innocence of the early internet. I hope the wankers go away and leave the good people to it.

Oh, and here’s the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and some of US TV’s finest sending the craze up in a highly rude fashion, which I guarantee you will understand if you’ve never watched American TV. Promise.