Introducing Green Greenwich

It’s taken me far too long to get my act into gear on this, but finally – finally! – I’ve created the separate blog for the council election campaign. Presenting… Green Greenwich. That was original, wasn’t it?

So for news of my efforts to get elected as a Green councillor in Peninsula ward in Greenwich borough – and of the local Green Party as a whole – get to Green Greenwich. Go on, bookmark Green Greenwich now. That’s right, Green Greenwich. Did you get that? Good.

Phew. Clearly that’ll be a more partisan and tub-thumping site, and it feels a bit of a leap into the dark, but I hope I can make it interesting even if you’re a UKIP voter burning a ton of dangerous chemicals in a field in the middle of Lincolnshire. If I get elected, it’ll continue as a councillors’ blog. If I don’t, then it’ll sit as a glorious memorial to What Might Have Been. Exciting times. It kicks off with a sad tale about the state of East Greenwich Library, and how it provided a nice excuse for two senior councillors to have a childish barney instead of actually addressing the issue.

As for 853, this place continues and I’ll still try to cover things in the usual manner, although things might be a bit more sporadic. There might be a few less bins on it, though. Bet you’ll be delighted about that.