Alex Neil estate agents – internet pests

If you’re looking to buy or let a home in London, it’s worth bearing in mind that this blog has been targeted a few times by an estate agent called Alex Neil for a number of spam comments.

The IP address where the comment was posted from originates in the Phillippines, so heaven knows what’s going on. But if you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy estate agent, and not some bunch of jokers who use the same methods as blue-pill peddlers, it’s something to consider.

UPDATE – noon, 18 March: I’m told by someone in the know it is a criminal offence for a company to masquerade as a consumer, and it is a banned practice under EU regulations to “falsely claim or create the impression that the trader is not acting for purposes relating to his trade, business, craft or profession, or falsely represent oneself as a consumer.”


  1. Alex (or is it Neil?) has also been known to put up boards in a conspicuous position on main roads, seemingly unconnected to any property actually being marketed.

  2. They put up a board outside the block where I live claiming to have sold a property here, which was a complete lie.

  3. There’s one of his boards opposite my house next to some others. I wonder if it’s actually connected to any of the properties there?

  4. Just checked and there’s nothing listed on their website for this road. There must be some kind of regulation against this tactic.

  5. I have had 4 tout cards this week for four properties in blackheath, only 3 of the properties had been sold by Alex Neil Estate Agents, One was let by them not sold!. I have four boards in my road! I hate estate agents! Alex Neil open an office in Blackheath and think they can invade my space with there constant junk mail

  6. I rented my property from Alex Neil and there board has been up for over a week all i get is constant reminders that my flat was let. and then today i get a bloody tout card telling me! i can only admire them of there marketting but if the seo ever reads this- take your board down and leave me alone!!!!

  7. internet pest is an under statement- they are using google to promote there business! i live in e14 and do not need constant reminders of properties they have sold in the area! i know who you are- leave me alone!

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