Olympics: Greenwich Time jumps the gun

With less than seven hours to go until tonight’s huge barney planning meeting to decide what happens in Greenwich Park in 2012, Greenwich Council’s propaganda weekly Greenwich Time has piled in. Looks like a done deal, doesn’t it? Head on over to Green Greenwich to for more.


  1. Sigh, look at that – cricket is not an Olympic sport – and everyone knows that Greenwich Time is the personal creature of the Dear Leader: he signs off every blimmin page.

  2. A bit potty, really: we’ve already had the “souvenir edition” of Greenwich Time for the Royal Boroughness – nothing glossy, just the same old manky production values – and yet Greenwich won’t be made a Royal Borough for another two years.

  3. could someone PLEASE do something about this weird personality cult about Chris Roberts going on at that rag. It seems to be the rule that he must have personal mention and quote on every edition’s front page. Disgusting.

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