Alex Neil estate agents still can’t stop spamming

Rogue estate agent Alex Neil has now got up the nose of The Greenwich Phantom with its spam comments – so I thought I’d have a look in the spam comments box. And yes, along with the sex aids, anxiety pills and loan sharks, are more barely coherent gems.

It is, by the way, illegal for companies to pose as satisified customers when advertising.


  1. What’s worse is that they used the word ‘vacationers’. Now I really dislike them. H

  2. Maybe they’re coming from Mechanical Turk or something. Random Turkers being told to write enthusiastic blog comments without really understanding the context.

  3. Spam comments from a site that you wouldn’t expect spam from can be a sign its had malware injected. I got lots from a grand piano company. The spam carried on for 6 months after they’d removed the malware.

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