The Great Bear of Charlton

Somewhere in SE7, someone’s lost their bear… if it was you, as of 4pm, he/she was in Littlecombe.


  1. I think it’s a ‘he’. Let’s call him Bobby the SE7 official mascot. He brightened up my day when I saw the picture earlier on.

  2. Brightened your day? Some poor kid’s probably in tears because its bear’s done a Burton… 😉

  3. It’s the only way they learn! I love a cute bear or animal. I hope you’re going to do some regular Bobby-watching, let us know how he gets on, what he thinks of the weather, passers by and latest Charlton defeats, stuff like that.

  4. Aww, I always feel sad when I see a lost bear. Doubly so now I have a child of my own who would be utterly distraught if he losr his favourite. Just one of the reasons I don’t let him take it out of the house.

  5. If I hadn’t been out a little while back with a youngster who dropped his toy (which I managed to pick up), and then later heard of the grief that another toy being lost had caued, I might not have thought about it so much, being a soulless, childless type.

    But then lost cat/dog posters always make me sad. And that bear would have got soaked in the rain…

  6. You mean you didn’t fashion him a little raincoat out of a plastic bag? Heartless….

  7. Bear fans – by 4pm today he’d gone. Hopefully he’s gone to a new home…

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