On the right platform

Not a great deal to report from the first meeting of the Charlton station users’ group on Tuesday night – I would have posted earlier, but after a brain-achingly frustrating evening trying to book tickets on the new, mucked-up Rail Europe website, I’ve been wary of anything to do with trains. But onwards…

Among the issues which came up were the recent reduction in the number of Charing Cross services, trains stopping at the far end of the platform from the entrance, the lousy connections to North Greenwich bus services (three services split between three different stops), and the reason why Charlton station isn’t as clean as a it used to be – one of the staff members who was dedicated to looking after the station has now been moved to Welling (that can’t be much fun…) and replaced by a part-timer. Southeastern public affairs manager Mike Gibson was frank about some of his company’s failings and was happy to pass complaints on.

There was also some discussion about the environment around the station – the building itself was erected after World War II as a temporary structure but has somehow stayed. There was a suggestion that Charlton station could benefit from a redevelopment like the one that’s about to take place at Deptford. With the adjacent post office about to be redeveloped itself, it may be the best chance for that has gone, but it’s an interesting thought.

There’s likely to be another meeting in six months – if you’re interested in getting involved, drop the Charlton Central Residents Association a line (you don’t need to live in their area) and hopefully they’ll tell you more.

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