The week in videos

The past couple of weeks have been personally bloody odd – I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way since I last took exams nearly 18 years ago. None of which is particularly good for the go-ahead young blog writer who just happens also to be standing in an election but has suddenly run out of time and inspiration. So here’s some of the other things I’ve done in the past week or so. They’re all pretty good, you know.

I went to see Luke Haines at the Garage last Thursday. It doesn’t really come across in this video, and nor does it really come across on record, but the Auteurs founder is a compelling live performer. His memoir from the 90s, Bad Vibes, is a terrific read, and there’s a second volume on its way. A final single from his other project, Black Box Recorder, is due on election day.

All of which japery meant I missed the launch party for the new Lucky Soul album, A Coming of Age. It’s great. As is this video for their track Woah Billy!

It’s proper wholesome proper pop music. And it’s great. I was at a party at the weekend where someone played this. “Who is it?” I asked. “Janelle Monae,” I was told. And Tightrope’s been stuck in my head ever since.

I had a couple of free cinema tickets to use up, so took myself down to the Picturehouse and hid from the sunshine for a bit. Cemetery Junction isn’t a bad film, it’s very funny in parts and it’s all rather nice, but it’s proof that Ricky Gervais could cough and there’d be loads of people out to hail it as a mark of genius. I like Ricky Gervais, and I’m sure the film will chime better with those who remember the early 1970s, but it all felt rather inconsequential to me. Still, there’s been many, many worse vanity projects.

Ah, yes, Kick-Ass. There’s a moral to this story – if the Daily Mail goes into a tizzy about a film, it’s going to be outrageously good and well worth seeing…

And I saw last week’s Have I Got News For You recorded. I haven’t been to see HIGNFY recorded since its early series – I had tickets to get in before Christmas, but we couldn’t be accommodated in the audience and so Hat-Trick gave us priority tickets for this show. It was striking how much election material was recorded to achieve “balance” – about half-an-hour’s worth to get what must have been 10 minutes’ worth. Listening to the jokes as I type, though, it also strikes me that the Nick Clegg jokes have dated somewhat now he’s man of the moment and the establishment press is out to get him