A broken Briton

A respected broadcaster asks its viewers and listeners for an opinion, and here’s what it gets…

The object of this person’s ire?
London 2012's mascots

I think I need a holiday…


  1. This made me actually laugh out loud. I myself actually like the mascots and if you go by the kids shows I’ve seen on TV lately, I think the kids will too. Though the actual end product may look nothing like this at all.

    Nice to know there are some people feel so passionately about the mascots impact on society though! xD

  2. Really, if they are “the most disgusting thing” the commenter has ever seen, then they’ve had a reasonable life so far.

  3. What’s really odd is that their “eye” is actually a camera – talk about the surveillance society permeating even sports mascots!

  4. I don’t get why so many people are (deciding to get?) angry about the mascots.

    Do a google image search for “olympic mascot” and you won’t see much high art. They’re aimed at kids who generally like things bright, colourful and simple.

    What would make these idiots happy – ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch?

  5. I kind of like them too!
    Anyway, I expect the person who wrote that post spontaneously combusted shortly afterwards.

  6. Was this comment from the Sky site by any chance?

    The comments on there are getting as shrill and as ridiculous as the Daily Mail site!

    These are meant for kids, not adults. I can only assume the ranting-raving mob would say the same about four beings with tv’s in their stomachs, talking steam trains or perhaps even a cheese-eating canine engineer.

    There are aspects of life worth getting angry about….and there are those that just aren’t.

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