Greenwich Council *really* doesn’t like foxes

Bad news from Hackney last week, with two little girls apparently attacked by a fox who managed to get into their home. Nasty stuff, and while foxes have been known to attack humans (such as this incident in Dartford in 2002), such events are very, very rare.

This didn’t prevent what looked like the first silly season story of the summer emerging from this sad tale, with mayor Boris Johnson weighing in against the foxes and BBC London publishing possibly the most ridiculous news story in its history – “policeman takes photo of fox”. Get the bushy-tailed bastard!

To complete the descent into tragic farce that the reporting of this family tragedy became, with one child still in hospital and the other back with her parents, police are now guarding the family home because of fears of attacks by animal rights activists.

As most Londoners will know, foxes tend to be very timid creatures around humans – although I’ve heard of tame ones in Greenwich Park. Of course, they can make a right mess – and a right racket when they get in the mood. Whatever has been said and done in the past few weeks, and whether or not it was a fox who attacked the children in Hackney, hopefully they will recover soon and the family will be able to live a normal life once again after what has undoubtedly been a terrible time for them.

Still, as Boris instructed London’s boroughs to redouble their efforts against these beasts, Greenwich Council has stepped up to the mark. On page two of this week’s issue of propaganda rag Greenwich Time, the authority reassures us that it’s being vigilant…

Yes, it does say “ther” in the headline. The council is so keen to impress on us that it’s concerned about foxes, the same story, er, also appears on page seven…

Tough on foxes, tough on the causes of foxes. Still, let’s be thankful for small mercies – it’s better than another photo of the council leader, I guess.


  1. Well I never – what with the crows in Eltham the wildlife is getting right out of control.There is currently a creepy crawly on the laptop screen too – oh and I see from the aol front page that if you switch on your windscreen wipers you get legionnaires disease.

  2. Speaking as someone who gets pissed off with my neighbours not disposing of rubbish properly and encouraging rats and foxes, I quite liked the idea that the fox ravaging the children would frighten them into being less irresponsible…then it occurred to me that the council would think that too…more effective than a Keep Britain Tidy campaign?

  3. Yet another example of indecisive action instead of decisive inaction on behalf of the authorities.

    At least we know the authorities’ collective patella works just fine even if its brain doesn’t.

  4. more accurately, Greenwich Council doesn’t give a shit about foxes but has (as a response to the outcry) just found a charity with a pre-recorded helpline and are fobbing people off on them as they will not do anything about foxes themselves – there’s nothing wrong with that mind, but it is a bit cheeky to try and take credit for it and/or make it sound a more local service than it is

    Greenwich Council’s fox page

    The Fox Project

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