Greenwich riverside path update

A bit late with this, but local councillor Mary Mills says on her blog that part of the Thames Path in Greenwich, which has been largely closed for some months, should may be open again in September. This is only the section through the old Tunnel Refineries/Syral plant, which closed in March, and not the section through Delta Wharf (which closed in April) and the bit through Lovells Wharf (which doesn’t actually exist at the moment). It’s not brilliant – the closure was only meant to last 12 weeks from 15 March, so it should have re-opened by now. But at least we’ve a glimmer of hope on the horizon for that bit, and huge thanks to Mary for keeping us updated (and for being one of the tiny handful of Greenwich councillors who’s actually proactive about talking to residents).

The original Tunnel Refineries post has become a bit of a repository for memories of the place. It’d make an interesting project to gather some of that up in some way, shape or form – it certainly had an impact on the area, and generations of Greenwich (and Isle of Dogs) people have the smell from the place imprinted in their memories for life.

Meanwhile, following on from the sudden televised revelation of a plan for a cruise terminal at Enderby’s Wharf, I’m told a planning application should be submitted by the end of July, which will give local people the first formal chance to find out just what the blazes is going on. Thanks to a couple of correspondents for pointing out that it is likely that a new road will be built between the cruise liner terminal and Blackwall Lane, which should take pressure off Christchurch Way and neighbouring streets. However, a lot of questions still remain unanswered.


  1. Darryl – thanks- but it was a ‘might be open’ not a ‘will be open’ – and what I was mainly pleased about was the stay of execution on two jetties which were due to be demolished – one of which Groundwork had spent a vast amount of money on only a couple of years ago.
    I have an information request in on the Delta wharf situation

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