Raising the Standard

After gleefully predicting its demise for more years than I can remember, the news that the free Evening Standard is moving into profit is good to hear. Now some of its distribution problems have been cracked, it’s good to see the paper heading back towards its 90s pomp – widely read and generally making a decent fist of covering London issues after its spell as a Daily Mail clone.

I expected it would have been easier to raise the Titanic, but the paper’s been largely detoxified over the past year – in particular, it handled the awkward issue of its former editor Veronica Wadley becoming the London chair of the Arts Council rather deftly.

But some hints of the Old Standard still remain. Does anyone really think that anybody cares what professional obnoxious bastard Toby Young – the Richard Littlejohn for those who mind their Ps and Qs – thinks about schools? How about some real “London parents” instead? There’s no doubt the Standard is improving, but I’m sure an approach to features which didn’t largely focus on moneyed types doing things the rest of us can’t identify with would help matters even further.