A tale of two pubs: Greenwich Council blocks Hardys hotel

Something to drink to this Friday evening – the controversial plan to build a towering hotel on top of Hardys Free House on Trafalgar Road, Greenwich, has been thrown out by Greenwich Council.

Planners received 144 objections to the scheme from local residents. Unsurprisingly, they decided it was too big, too ugly, and… didn’t have enough cycle parking spaces.

Or, in other words: “The proposed development by reason of its design, scale, bulk and massing in this prominent location, would result in a dominant and obtrusive form of development bearing a negative relationship to the host building and its immediate surroundings.”

I think it’s fair to say that there won’t be many people sorry to see the application refused. What this means for the future of a pub that’s had a rocky time since it was sold three years ago, heaven alone knows. Hopefully the owners will now concentrate on developing it as a decent pub. Or sell it onto someone who wants to do that.

You don’t have to look far for proof of how to turn around a failing bar – five minutes’ walk from Hardys, the Pelton Arms was once a dusty, unloved boozer. Now it’s doing a roaring trade thanks to live bands and other events. It’s now planning to expand upstairs to include a first floor dining area. It took time, some brute force and a lot of effort to turn the Pelton around, but its success shows it can be done.


  1. What good is that, for once, the Council Officials have shown a bit of backbone – usually they wave though any old sh*te, leaving it to councillors to boot it out. Here, however, they’ve used their delgated powers to reject it, before it even reaches the committee.

    As you’ve pointed out, pubs can survive, if they can find their niche: the Old Brewery is another example alongside The Pelton Arms. Let’s hope the new owners of Hardy’s sell it on to someone who’s interested in building a clientele, rather than constructing an eyesore.

  2. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw the drawing, I’m glad that the Council Officers also couldn’t believe it.

    I still think we should do something about those 3 guys standing in the middle of the road, though. They’re going to get run over one of these days.

  3. What were the ‘architects’ thinking? Were they even serious when they submitted that drawing?

    No windows on the east wall except from some random squares at the top?

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