New Greenwich Time quiz: “Where’s Boris?”

With the coalition government murmuring bad things about council newspapers, propaganda guff-sheet Greenwich Time has scrupulously kept images of Greenwich Council’s Labour leader and his pals out of its hallowed pages since the general election. But is anyone else getting a look-in? Of course not.

When London’s most important elected figure suggests building a bloody great big cable car across the Thames, then surely he should get a namecheck, no?

A couple of words missing from that piece. Hmm… I wonder what they are? Ssssh, don’t mention the Tory, you’ll scare the kids! I mean, I know the council doesn’t like Boris very much, but it should at least be big enough to give credit where credit’s due.

I wonder if this “Mayor of London” figure will gain a name if a certain person is re-elected in a couple of years?


  1. More a case of don’t mention City Hall, Chris Roberts is no fan of Livingstone.

    The article is utter rubbish and Cordwell has plainly misread the TfL leaflet. It is a journey time of five minutes from Greenwich Penisular to the western end of Royal Victoria Dock no significant improvement on the 6-9 minutes Jubilee / DLR journey. O2(Dome) to Excel will still be quicker by Jubilee/DLR than by cable car.

  2. Good point by Bill about not mentioning City Hall.

    When I had an internship there, there was something called JEMs (Join Engagement Meetings) where members of City Hall would meet with local Borough Commanders and heads of council to discuss things such as best practice in relation to Anti Social Behaviour and Youth Violence…

    All but 2 boroughs agreed to take part. City of London (understandably so, it has it’s own police force and is outside of the Met) and guess who… Greenwich.

    There are several examples of things like this with Councillor Roberts, I can recall about 4 just in my 3 months at City Hall, where Greenwich takes a very hostile stance towards City Hall, on cases which are by no means party political issues…

  3. I suspect they have a single keystroke that inserts “Council leader Chris Roberts” into any article destined for the front page.

    A prize goes to anyone that sees a front page of the GT that does NOT include the phrase.

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