London City Airport and Greenwich Council

It’s long been known that Greenwich Council has been asleep on the job when it comes to London City Airport. Recent expansion has seen more jets use the airport, just across the Thames – I’ve even heard them taking off and landing from the edge of Blackheath, far from the riverside that’s usually affected by noise. This post from the Thamesmead-based Fight The Flights campaign claims the council is still pretending LCY is not a problem…

Greenwich Council are the only neighbouring council who continue to blindly support London City Airport expansion. However as we revealed some time ago, their support is based on absurd data and a report of errors by the planning officer which clearly showed that he had little or no understanding of the environmental impact of aircraft noise on the residential areas that Greenwich allow to continue to be built beneath the flight paths.

The Greenwich Planning officer recommended to support the expansion of LCY. On looking through his report, it seemed apparent that not all of the information had been available to Greenwich, or that it had not been fully grasped by the officer as we found some serious errors/understanding in his report. The officer clearly believed, and continues to, as does the council on his advice: that propellor planes are noisier than jets. How silly is that!!

From independent noise monitoring in Greenwich a jet from LCY is a minimum of around 10 dbs louder than a prop when it flies overhead. Most props are around 72-76 dbs as they pass, most jets are around 84 dbs and upwards.

Greenwich Planning board supported the expansion, we believe 1 vote tipped this, and it is arguable that if the accurate facts were presented, that the board had been alerted to the possible environmental and health impacts, and that no health impact study had been carried out in Greenwich, that the planning board outcome would have been very different.

Woudn’t it be nice, and terribly democratic, if the leader of Greenwich Council, Cllr Chris Roberts finally did the right thing and got this issue fully reviewed within Greenwich?

Fight The Flights also point to new housing being allowed in the “crash zone” in west Thamesmead. Their full post is worth a read, the issue is worth watching closely.


  1. Excellent piece Darryl.
    Its true Greenwich have failed its residents when it comes to London City Airport. They have a voice on the LCACC but failed to have a Cllr show up for 4 years. Even at this months 3 monthly meeting , Greenwich were not represented.
    There will be a huge battle coming for Greenwich soon when they , if the leader is to be believed , try to create a terminal for Cruise Ships. With the crash zone going right across the Thames into Greenwich , it is inconceivable that huge cruise ships carrying thousands of people will be able to continually travel through the crash zone to get to the terminal. The potential for catastrophe will be too great. But will Greenwich care? Or will the people on the cruise ships be viewed like the people in Thamesmead – potential collateral damage.

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