24-hour drinking – the horror!

11.20pm, Princess of Wales, Blackheath:
“We’re closed, could you go outside now please, guys…”

11.25pm, waiting outside the Princess of Wales, Blackheath:
“Could you stop standing outside now please, guys…”

Does this 24-hour drinking take place in a parallel universe, or something?


  1. I’ve found much of London to have ridiculously early closing times even after the liberalising of licensing laws. Having spent lot’s of time around different UK cities over the past 2 years I’ve found later opening to be the norm in many other cities. It’s one of my major frustrations of London being turfed out at 11 or 12 even on a weekend having stayed in cities where 2/3 am is commonplace and even then there’s clubs open til 6 to go onto. Last week I spent 30 minutes going to the Union in Greenwich to find it was closing at 11pm. On a Friday. It’s much the same in many pubs in the area, and those that do stay open still don’t for very much longer, or are too busy due to the limited number of places that stay open.

  2. And of course much of the continent is far better at enjoying a late stress free drink. Having just been in Berlin for a week it was great to be in a proper 24 hour city.

  3. I’ve found most of the violence and upset in pubs has come from having a set closing time for all, and it being so unsympathetically enforced. How many pubs are willing to take your money at 10.59pm, yet a minute later are already trying to herd you out the pub? I’ve spent entire ‘drinking up’ periods being moved from one part of a pub to another, and then afterwards being moved on from outside the pub. The whole pub has then been thoroughly wound up for a good 20 minutes, and let loose into the night…

    In contrast, pubs with later, or more fluid (excuse the pun) closing times seem far more relaxed and welcoming places to drink. There is no need to drink to the finishing line of 11pm, and people leave in dribs and drabs, meaning less noise and less trouble outside the pub.

  4. I believe the Railway in Blackheath stays open until 1am fridays and saturdays, so the committed local drinker could probably manage a 13 hour binge.

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