Little hope for the Little George

March 2010, “The Royal George pub in Blissett Street is set to be turned into flats after planning permission was granted by Greenwich Council. The pub closed its doors recently and the owners, Shepherd Neame, put in an application to have the building converted into two flats. Six responses from the public were made which all opposed the closure, but permission was granted at last week’s meeting of the Greenwich area planning board.”

The August 2010 issue of CAMRA magazine Capital Drinker: “Shepherd Neame put the pub up for auction in June with planning permission for conversion into two flats, but bids failed to reach the reserve price in excess of £400,000. Remains closed and boarded up. The outcome supports CAMRA’s view that the property’s location would make it more viable as a free-of-tie pub than as flats, in which there is apparently little interest.”

I took the above photo last night after leaving the wonderfully revamped – and, by all acounts, thriving – Guildford Arms, possibly the poshest pub in Greenwich, and about 100 yards away from the “Little” George. How dull would life be if we all gave up hope for our local pubs?

The Little George will once again go under the hammer on 21 September, with a reserve price of £500,000. Whip-round, anyone?

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  1. With the choice of flats around to buy, why on earth would anyone choose to but right adjacent to a fire station ?? Be very surprised if any developer is potty enough to buy the building at auction. Should stay as a pub !!

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