Hiroshima survivor at Charlton House

From Lewisham and Greenwich CND – an event at Charlton House tomorrow which sounds fascinating, even if you’re not a supporter of the organisation.

A Hibakusha (atom bomb survivor) is coming to Charlton House on 3rd August. There will be a reception with drinks, food, poetry and music.

6.00 – picnic on the lawn behind Charlton House – bring and share
7.00 – Mr. Shoso Kawamoto tells of the day 65 years ago when the atom bomb destroyed his city
8.30 – a moment of remembrance in the Charlton House Peace Garden
8.45 – 10.00 music and poetry organized by the One World Club

Mr. Shoso Kawamoto was 10 when the atom bomb exploded, killing his parents. At first he was looked after by his elder sister, but after six months she died of leukemia. One hundred thousand people died in Hiroshima – some instantly and some in the weeks and months that followed from burns and radiation. 65 years later Mr. Shoso Kawamoto is a volunteer at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. He is in London to convey the reality of the atomic bombing and to promote the international campaign for nuclear abolition.

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  1. Mr. Kawamoto,

    First,I’m sorry for all the pain we caused for you.
    I’m doing a history fair project.
    I wanted to know exzactly were you were when the bombing took pleace?
    Did you ever see your parent?
    What did you do after your sister past on?
    What are your thought on the bomb then and today?
    Did you try to help other?
    did you have some of the effect that others had?
    I believe it was wrong and that there was another way. and if i had of been alive I would have gone and helped all I could but I wan’t and now I fell like all americans a respondsible for that choice.
    i’m so sorry I hope you email me back,
    Morgan Walters

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