Plumstead station’s mystery death

From The Independent: “Police have released sketches of 20 unidentified people found dead on Britain’s rail network over the past 35 years in an attempt to trace them.”

“A man was struck by a train under a road bridge on December 15 2009, near Plumstead station, south east London. He was white, in his mid-50s, 5ft 2ins to 5ft 6ins with dark, curly, collar length hair. He was wearing a black shiny bomber jacket, blue jeans, black trainers and a black and white striped scarf.”

A few years ago I was on a train which collided with someone at Maze Hill station. I won’t forget the sickening bump, or the horrified face of the driver. I mentioned it on a previous blog and discovered the man survived, but lost a leg. It’s horrifying to think that many of those who choose to end their lives this way – in a strangely public manner – don’t even get identified after they die.