Greenwich Time: Last with the news

Aww, lovely. This week’s edition of council propaganda rag Greenwich Time has lots of happy smiling kids playing and having fun in Charlton. But hold on…

More than 1,000 people attended the ‘World Sport and Community Day’ staged by Charlton Triangle Homes around the sports court in Springfield Grove.

The event was held to celebrate the various cultures living in Charlton through sport, food, music and dance, and promote healthy living in the run-up to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games coming to the borough.

One thing. This paper is dated 31 August and will hit doormats in the opening days of September. The event took place towards the end of July, as the school summer holidays were kicking off.

(I think it was 23 July, although as Charlton Triangle Homes doesn’t talk to its neighbours, I don’t have anything to confirm this other than the memory of seeing some posters attached to lamp-posts the day before the event.)

Obviously Greenwich Time is there to promote the council and its allies – but using an event that took place five weeks ago to fill a weekly paper is just a tad cynical.

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  1. Political partisanship and general cynicism aside, this is a nice story. Good turnout, lots of fun, enjoyed by all ages, sizes and race etc. Yep, good to read.

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