Watch out, the RSPCA’s about…

I’m not a fan of chuggers. They used to be everywhere once, but, they still seem to stick to Greenwich town centre like dog muck on your best shoe, getting in the way, pretending to be friendly, and being an all-round pain in the arse. Nobody should have to walk down the street worried about catching the eye of a berk in a tabard, and frankly, I wish they’d sod off and leave us alone.

They’re also a wonderful moneyspinner for the companies who employ them – a recent Newsnight investigation showed that they get fees of between £80 and £160 for each person that signs up – even if the donor cancels their direct debit quickly.

So it was depressing to hear on Tuesday, and see for myself yesterday, the RSPCA going door-to-door in Charlton, paying two men work their way through the streets for hours on end trying to get those lucrative direct debits. I would have expected better of them, myself. They’re no doubt working the entire area, so if you see a fella in a blue placard, don’t answer the door for a bit.

And if you want to donate to the RSPCA, do it here and cut out these middlemen.

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