David Miliband comes for cake in Charlton

There’s a bloke coming round who might be Britain’s next prime minister – what do you serve? Only the finest cake, of course. David Miliband had one of his “house parties” at a Labour member’s house in Charlton on Saturday, as he aims to win over the party faithful in the leadership election.

The house parties have had the mickey taken out of them – they’ve been lifted from the Barack Obama campaign book and, er, Windows 7 – but when the man himself shows up, they’re pretty damn good, I’m told.

But I know what you’re really interested in – yes, it’s the cake!

Have any of the other candidates been seen in the area, at all? I’d be interested to hear.


  1. Who is the bloke in the linen jacket in the middle of the photo? He looks like a Happy Shopper version of Stephen Fry!

  2. And the bloke on the right looks like Murray Walker. Is this Britain’s naffest lookalike agency?

  3. I’m sure the good Allan MacCarthy, my Labour councillor in Charlton ward, will be delighted to hear the comparison with Stephen Fry 😉

    The gentleman to the right of Miliband is David Grant, Labour councillor for Greenwich West. No idea who the others are, though.

  4. I’ve heard Diane Abbott made a lasting impression on some Greenwich members when attending the Respect festival at the Dome in 2003.

    I doubt Andy Burnham would step foot in Charlton. He’s a working class Northerner (but doesn’t like to talk about it.)

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