Missing, presumed lost: Oona King’s Glee-ful blog post

It’s all fun and games if you’re in the Labour party at the moment. Members are voting for their next leader – and for one street in Charlton, that meant an appearance from David Miliband on Saturday to butter up the local faithful at a “house party”. And there’s also the small – and maybe more telling – matter of who’ll be their London mayoral candidate. About a month ago, I took the mickey out of this post on Oona King’s blog:

I took a screen-grab just in case it was deleted pretty sharpish – if I was involved in her campaign, I’d have thrown her awful pun-fest down the nearest well before it could do any more damage, and laugh it off. But they didn’t, and it got passed around the internet pretty quickly.

Ouch. Labour man Tom Miller put it nicely: “I read this… and a small tear ran from my eye.” Because of the way Oona’s site was set up, many of those comments would also have appeared on her site.

But when I clicked through to the link on Tom’s blog yesterday, it was dead. The blog entry that launched a thousand laughs, for 2 August, has been deleted. Oona’s campaign site had a revamp recently, and it looks as if the entry was quietly binned then. Seems odd to delete something once the damage has already been done, but there you go.

Which is a shame, really, because with people being back at work this week, and there being transport disruptions too, Londoners need as much amusement as possible. So, Team Oona, forget your embarrassment – put that post back up and make us all happy again. Please?


  1. A lesson most politicians really should have learned by now is that if you post something embarrassing on the internet, don’t then later delete it – as that just encourages people to write again about it – especially about the fact you have deleted it.

    Two strikes!

  2. It seems particularly dumb – like you say, it feels like something someone would have done years ago. It also raises some questions about her team’s ability to take criticism.

    Maybe they’ll reinstate it and we’ll get a third go?

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