Is the Greenwich cable car ready to fly?

An earlier cable car plan

From BBC London:

A planning application for a £25m cable car across the Thames will be submitted in a few weeks, BBC London has learned.

The project is intended to link 2012 Olympics venues. It will connect Greenwich and the Royal Docks, carrying up to 2,500 passengers an hour.

Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show a planning application is imminent.

Because it will be privately funded no definite commitment had previously been given.

No word on the results of the consultation into the scheme, which took place during the summer, or who’s stumping up the cash.

I can’t help linking this story with today’s belated confirmation that Boris Johnson wants to stand again in the 2012 mayoral election – a shiny new cable car will, like the Boris bike scheme, be shown off as proof that the mayor is a go-ahead guy who gives the go-ahead to good things. They’re nothing like the big things that his predecessor signed off as mayor, of course, but not for the first time, a building project on the Greenwich peninsula looks set to be a political football.


  1. Outside the fortnight of the 2012 Olympics, I remain to be convinced that 2500 passengers an hour will ever want to travel between North Greenwich and a not-very-interesting bit of the Royal Docks.

    The cable car will be great fun, but surely not actually ‘useful’.

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