My Snailr postcard

Snailr project postcard

Journalist and blogger Anna Pickard‘s plan to send postcards to friends, colleagues and complete strangers from her trip around the United States struck a chord with me. I found out about her scheme on the first anniversary of my own tour around the north-eastern US and Canada – a 17-day slog by train and coach, an experience I’ll never forget and something I’d like to repeat soon.

Anna’s plan involved a lot more travelling in a slightly shorter space of time – “half way between writing break and holiday – using the time to get a lot of work done while watching 7000 miles of America slide past the window, and getting to see some of the country I’ve wanted to see while I have the chance”. (She’s currently based in San Francisco, you see.) Instead of writing updates to Facebook or Twitter about what she was up to, she elected to send individual postcards to as many people as she could.

So this lunchtime, guess what arrived?

Snailr project postcard

Yep, it was hot in New Orleans. Anna’s still on the rails, although not for long – and hasn’t been deterred by her train crashing – and is posting little extras on the Snailr Project website.

It’s a great project and it’s made me think about approaching my next trip (no firm plans at the moment) a bit more creatively – usually I find blogging a pain in the backside when I’m away and it’s good to switch off. It’s good to see the forgotten old postcard get a new lease of life. I hope Anna enjoys the rest of her trip.

I took my postcard out on my less exotic travels today (more of which very soon) – so here it is taking in the riverfront at Woolwich at sunset. I should have sent a postcard from there, really…
Snailr project postcard

Rachel also got her postcard from Anna today.

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  1. Did a similar trip many years back, although I travelled down both coasts. Amtrak is a glorious way to travel, far more leisurely than the more-functional European railway network. And because it’s neither the quickest nor the cheapest, you end up travelling mostly with people who are also along for the journey.

    But it’s the open space over there that bagoggles and bedazzles me, five times the population of the UK but forty times the land area.

    And don’t get me started on California. The coastline, beaches, desert, forests, mountains, lakes, sun and more sun, wine country……I say, I say, daaaamn!

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