The Great Wall of Blackheath Standard

Remember when it used to be easy to get from Charlton Road to the shops at Old Dover Road in Blackheath? Up a path by some garages, past a small housing estate, and there you were in front of Safeway.

Yes, Safeway. Because that’s how long ago it was.

Well, it featured on BBC London News yesterday. Here’s a couple of blog entries from the Westcombe Society – one on alleged council inaction, and one where it’s alleged in the comments that the council backed blocking the path in the first place.

What a mess.


  1. Completely outrageous that the safety of pedestrians and cyclists has been compromised by the council’s inaction.

  2. Utter nonsense, the blog in question is the mouthpiece of a one-man local bully who ignores anyone elses views. The residents on both sides of the wall welcome them as we had lots of problems with anti-social behaviour when people used it as a cut through. The Council went through the proper processes earlier in the year to confirm the walls should stay so the matter is effectively closed. For background by all means check the minutes going back 5 years and the Westcombe Society’s newsletters. This is an old story and scaremongering by the cyclists and busybodies who don’t live in the area gets very tiresome.

  3. Stuart, do you think that other people who live close by don’t “live in the area”? That path had been there for decades.

    Point taken on the Westcombe Society, mind.

  4. Absolutely and they had their say at the Council meetings (there were at least 4, not an ideal use of Councillors time IMHO!). We came up with one old man in Langton Way (who was really rude to the Councillors BTW…lesson there…) who thought it was a scenic walk and didn’t like walking past the bus queue and a lady from Eastcombe Avenue who was concerned on the school children’s behalf when they might vault the wall and break their leg. We never discovered the people who according to our local busybody bike their children to Invicta School…

    On the path itself there is now a housing estate where there used to be disused garages so my view would be the nature of the area has changed and the access should reflect that along with tackling the anti-social behaviour which included, drugs, fights, fires, litter and graffiti

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