Greenwich cruise liner terminal – new exhibition

There’s a fresh exhibition on Wednesday and Thursday of plans to build a cruise liner terminal at Enderby’s Wharf – those are the ones announced by the leader of Greenwich Council on TV before any meaningful consultation had taken place.

The developers say:

Since the previous exhibition and consultation events, the proposals for the regeneration of the vacant wharf for a mix of uses including an international cruise liner terminal, new river bus service together with hotel, training and residential accommodation, and reuse of Enderby House as a tourist interpretation centre have continued to evolve. These proposals have now been supplemented by the design of a new public square adjacent to Enderby House which is linked to the Thames Path and a series of tidal gardens on the banks of the River Thames. The ambition to release over 50% of the wharf to new open space and public realm has been retained.

Prior to the submission of a planning application, which is to submitted shortly, we would like to invite you to this exhibition being held on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th October 2010 where plans and a model of the proposals will be on display. The event will be held between 4pm and 8.30pm on both days in Christ Church next to the Forum in East Greenwich on Trafalgar Road.

Images from the exhibition have also been placed online – although not in a particularly user-friendly format, and there’s a lot of guff to wade through.

Next door, there’s recently been a bit of movement at Lovell’s Wharf and there’s a few more feet of river path open – the footway now leads to a set of steps leading down to Banning Street, as well as the developers’ marketing suite. With 22 months to go until the Olympics, this is the state of the Thames Path at Lovell’s Wharf right now…


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