Cheryl Cole: Not popular in Lewisham

Following events on telly and, sadly, beyond, I get the feeling a certain judge on a ropey talent show isn’t particularly welcome in Lewisham at the moment…


  1. i wasnt talking about the judges im talking about the minority that are taking this thing far to seriously its a tv show after all

  2. @sally, I know you weren’t, just couldn’t resist. You are right, it borders on an obsession for some people.

    OT, but is that THE Paul T, the ‘king’ of the 501?

  3. Just leave Cheryl Cole alone – This is just a TV show and true Cheryl fans should stand by her! If Gamu was put through the reality is she still would not be on the live shows! Please think back to the last two years and how successful Cheryl has been as a mentor give her the support she deserves.

    Go on Cheryl do not let the Haters get you down, I am sure there is more support out there for you than published.

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