Help find Abbey Wood dog attacker

This attack on a dog was filmed off Knee Hill, Abbey Wood, on 1 October. If you know the person seen kicking the dog, the RSPCA would like to hear from you.


  1. I saw a young dog but I couldn’t see anything that resembled a person. It takes more than simply walking on two legs to make one of them.

  2. Disgusting. It’s people like this that give those dogs a bad name. They’re just seen as status symbols. No respect and certainly no love there – he’ll wonder why in a couple of years it turns round and bites him.

    One of the reasons they should bring back the dog licence – to deter idiots like this.

  3. I just don’t understand why you would treat your pet like that…

    I have 3 cats and god knows they can be annoying sometimes. And Im not one of these people that say that animals are just as important as humans but why would you ever raise your hand to an animal.

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