Greenwich Council ‘great’, says happy Greenwich Time reader

Regular readers of Greenwich Council’s weekly puff sheet, Greenwich Time, will be well aware that the bottom-right hand corner of the letters page usually contains a missive praising the council, or some aspect of its work, to the skies. This week’s, however, contains a classic of the genre which I thought was worth reprinting here. I do hope Annabel Jones is a real person, because I wouldn’t want to think my local council newspaper is making letters up to make the authority look good.

Mind you, I’d also hope my local council newspaper – or its correspondents – would be able to spell “Kidbrooke” correctly.

We all know what happened to one “ordinary person” who went into print to praise the Labour council’s good workshe’s now a Labour councillor! So if Annabel is a real person, then I predict good things for her. And that’s more good news!


  1. Unless I’m missing something, Annabel Jones is not complimenting Greenwich Council but is acknowledging and celebrating that there is a mini-building boom going on in the borough.

  2. I’m intrigued at the headline, “There’s hope in the homes”. What sort of homes do GT mean? Old folks’ homes? Mental homes?

  3. I love the fact ‘Annabel’ is so excited about Greenwich being the *third* fastest borough (in London? The world?)

    Just imagine the letter she’ll write if we’re ever first in anything.

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