Wagamama and the changing peninsula

If you wanted proof that the area around the Dome is shedding its grim, lifeless persona, then it’s above – a branch of Wagamama is on its way behind Ravensbourne’s new building, breaking the monopoly the O2’s tenants have in the area.

The area around the Dome will, once again, be unrecognisable within a few years – with planning permission given for an enormous hotel to the west of the structure, on some of the last remaining parts of the millennium exhibition site.

If you’ve got a view of the Dome from where you live – enjoy it while it lasts, because after a decade of it dominating the skyline, it’s likely to be hidden behind more big developments in the next 10 years.


  1. I’m getting the impression that you really don’t like the Peninsula. There’s this post about the “grim, lifeless persona” of the Dome, a previous post about WH Smith in North Greenwich being the worst one of the lot, a throw-away comment about North Greenwich tube station being a “victim of its own success” in another post (I believe it was in a cycling post, but I’ll need to chase that down) and another comment a few days ago about the Peninsula being “a bleak, windswept, lonely corner” of Greenwich.

    Don’t get me wrong, things have been steadily improving recently, and the opening of Ravensbourne College can only enhance it. I’ve been commuting from North Greenwich station and have on occasion popped into the O2 and I’m pleasantly surprised that there is life in the area in the past year or so, especially on non-event nights at the O2 (the real test of the area). Maybe the TfL staff in the Peninsula offices are making their mark. I don’t know. What I will say is that your observations are different from what I’m seeing.

  2. I love Wagamama’s so hip hooray for one opening near us. I just wish it was easier to get to the damn dome. The parking costs are hideous and there aren’t exactly a procession of buses that head there. Plus the Jubilee line seems to always be shut everytime I want to use it.

  3. Agree with PlumBun. We need more buses from Plumstead Common Road to the Dome. It’s shocking how hard it is to get there from here. But as usual the inhabitants of the Common get short shrift. Grrrrrrrrr.
    Yippee to Wagamama though…brilliant for veggies and meat eaters alike which is great for our little family.

  4. […] It still feels like the answer to a problem which doesn’t really exist (“cripes! how do we get to the Royal Victoria Dock?”) but bear in mind that even within six months, the area around Peninsula Square, close to the Dome, will have a very different feel to now. […]

  5. No buses from Plumstead Common? You mean appart from the 53, 51, 658 or 291? Admittedly, they will require a change in Woolwich on to the numerous and frequent buses to the o2 but I really don’t get your point.

    Do you require personal transport from door to door? It isn’t that difficult really.

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