Oyster boost for Cannon Street commuters

A quick heads-up courtesy of Mike at oyster-rail.org.uk, who’s been in touch to say that the gap in the Oyster system for travellers who use Cannon Street has been fixed.

If you get off at Cannon Street mainline station and change to the Tube using Bank, only about 150 yards away, you’ll now only be charged the one fare instead of being slapped with two separate fares.

This makes life easier on Saturdays when Cannon Street Tube station is closed, and if you want to head west on the Central Line (using Cannon Street/Bank is easier than Charing Cross in my experience – just walk out of Cannon Street station, straight ahead up Walbrook and there’s Bank).

However, as Mike points out in the comments below, and amending a mistake of mine, this change doesn’t involve people who have to use Mansion House station on Saturdays when Cannon Street Tube is closed – a classic lack of co-ordination between Southeastern and Transport for London.

With most Greenwich line trains now running to Cannon Street rather than Charing Cross, hopefully it’ll help people use some of the advantages of the City terminal (other than being not normally stuck in a queue to enter London Bridge for five minutes).

These “out of station interchanges” aren’t publicised – most of them are straightforward local shortcuts that only regular users generally need to know about, like Catford to Catford Bridge – but you’ll find a full list here.

Now, if only getting off at Deptford and walking down Douglas Way to catch a London Overground train from New Cross (which takes about five minutes) would be charged as one fare too, my Oyster life would be (almost) complete.


  1. Sadly Cannon Street to Mansion House isn’t on the list just yet. Bank to Mansion House is there, but not the shorter distance from Cannon Street. If only there was an easy way of suggesting links to the department with authority to program them.

  2. Ah – thanks Mike, that’ll teach me to write this stuff half-awake. Since Cannon Street Tube is closed on Saturdays, that’s pretty much unforgiveable.

  3. Can anyone explain the logic of allowing 20 minutes to travel Cannon St NR -> Cannon St LU, but only 15 minutes from Cannon St NR -> Bank LU ?

  4. I asked TfL to consider an OSI between Cannon Street and Bank as I considered it was a noticeable omission in late July.

    TfL told me that the number of interchanges are not unlimited and that there are potential downsides to creating them (i.e. journeys that aren’t jkoined can become joined leading to maximum journey times being exceeded). However, they said that they would look into the issue to see how much usage there was of this link.

    I am pleased to see they have now created it, but if there are any other ones that you consider should eb included please contact me.

  5. Yes, that WDTK request was made by me before the list from ATOC was offered. The TfL list is dated Sept 5th 2010 while the date on the ATOC one was described as Oct 22nd 2010. I don’t know how frequently they update the list, but I have not seen Bank to Cannon Street on any list from TfL. It certainly wasn’t on the May 2010 version. I am going to make enquiries back down the route that the ATOC list came from but it would appear to be wrong in more ways than just a few missing interchanges.

    I have this morning travelled from Crayford to Kings Cross via Cannon Street and Bank and can confirm that the OSI did not work. Even though I’m only the messenger I will offer my apologies for the duff info which was given in good faith.

  6. My understanding is that any OSIs need to be agreed by TfL and the relevant train operators. Therefore the process is not always as quick as one would wish. However, London TravelWatch has asked for Cannon Street and Bank to be linked as an OSI, and we are hopeful that it will be agreed.

  7. In a cruel twist of fate, TfL made a further update to the list of OSIs later in November last year. This has recently been picked up by a FOI request. The Cannon Street to Bank link is still missing, but the one you erroneously thought was there *has* now been added. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the one that only makes sense on a Saturday! Cannon Street NR to Mansion House LU.

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